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Q banding: a chromosomal staining technique using the fluorescence dye quinacrin mustard; under UV light a characteristic light and dark banding is induced cyto meth

QTL >>> quantitative trait locus

quadriduplex type >>> autotetraploid >>> nulliplex type

quadrivalent: a chromosome association of four members cyto >>> Figure 15

quadruplex type >>> autotetraploid

qualitative character: a character in which variation is discontinuous gene >>> Table 33

qualitative inheritance: an inheritance of a character that differs markedly in its expression amongst individuals of a species; variation is discontinuous; such characters are usually under the control of major genes gene >>> Table 33

qualitative resistance >>> vertical resistance

quality-declared seed: a terminology introduced by the FAO, for a seed system in which a proposed 10 % of the seed produced and distributed is checked by an autonomous seed control agency and the rest by the seed-producing organization seed

quantitative character: a character in which variation is continuous so that classification into discrete categories is arbitrary gene >>> metric character >>> Table 33

quantitative genetics: a branch of genetics that deals with the inheritance of quantitative traits; sometimes it is also called biometrical or statistical genetics gene

quantitative inheritance: an inheritance of a character that depends upon the cumulative action of many genes, each of which produces only a small effect; the character shows continuous variation (i.e., a gradation from one extreme to the other) gene >>> Table 33

quantitative resistance >>> horizontal resistance

quantitative trait locus (QTL): a locus or DNA segment that carries more genes coding for an agronomic or other traits gene >>> Table 33

quantitative vertical resistance: a rare type of resistance; it occurs cereals, e.g., Hessian fly resistance (Mayetiola destructor) in wheat or rice blast; it is a confusing term because its inheritance is qualitative while its effects are quantitative; it can easily be confused with horizontal resistance, and the best way to avoid it in a breeding program is by choosing only parents that exhibit the normal, qualitative, vertical resistance phyt >>> quantitative resistance >>> horizontal resistance

quantum speciation: the rapid rise of a new species, usually in small isolates, with the “founder effect” and random genetic drift; it is also called saltational speciation tax evol

quarantine: the official confinement of plants subject to phytosanitary regulations for observation and research or for further inspection and/or testing; more general, a legal ban on the export or import of certain noxious weeds or insects that may be attached to the plants meth seed agr

quarternary hybrid: a hybrid derived from four different grandparental individuals meth

quartet: the four nuclei and/or cells produced during meiosis bot >>> tetrad

quasi-complete Latin square - quasivollständiges lateinische Quadrat n: a Latin square because every entry appears once in each row and once in each column; it is quasi-complete because every entry is a horizontal neighbor to every other entry exactly twice, and every entry is a vertical neighbor to every other letter exactly twice stat >>> Figure 90

quelling: post-transcriptional gene silencing in Neurospora crassa induced by the introduction of a transgene biot >>> PTGS

quereitron >>> glucoside

quick test (of seed testing): a type of test for evaluating seed quality, usually germination, more rapidly than standard laboratory tests seed

quiescence >>> dormancy

quincuncial: of the arrangement of corolla lobes in a bud; a variant of imbricate aestivation bot

quincunx planting: planting four young plants to form the corners of a square with a fifth plant at its center meth

quinone >>> growth inhibitor

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