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in addition to this limited INTERNET version more data either on CD-ROM or in modified design as book by CRC press:

Relevant Journals of Plant Breeding and Related Fields


African Crop Science Journal; African Crop Science Society; ISSN 1021-9730

African Journal of Biotechnology; ISSN 1684-5315

AgBiotechNet; CABI Publishing; Great Britain; Genetic+Resources&PID=102

AgBiotech News and Information; CABI Publishing; Great Britain; +Genetic+Resources&PID=59

Agroforestry Abstracts; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;

Agronomy Journal; USA, Madison; ISSN 0002-1962

American Journal of Alternative Agriculture; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;

American Journal of Botany, USA, St. Louis, print ISSN 0002-9122, electronic ISSN 1537-2197

American Journal of Potato Research; USA, Orono; ISSN 1099-209X

Annual Review of Genetics; USA, Palo Alto

Annual Review of Plant Biology; USA, Palo Alto

Australasian Plant Pathology; Australia, Toowoomba; ISSN 0815-3191


Barley Genetic Newsletter; USA

Biocontrol News and Information; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;

Botanical Pesticides; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;

Breeding Science; Japan, Tokyo; ISSN 0536-3683

Briefings in Functional Genomics; an international forum reviewing the use, development, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, Online ISSN 2041-2647 - Print ISSN 2041-2649

Bulletin of Entomological Research; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;


Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology; Canada, Ottawa

Caryologia; Italy, Florence

Cereal Chemistry; USA, St. Paul; ISSN 0009-0352

Cereal Research Communication; Hungary, Szeged

Chinese Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology; CABI Publishing; Great Britain; Resources&PID=291

Chinese Journal of Genetics; China; ISSN 0898-5138

Chromosoma; Germany, Berlin; ISSN: 0009-5915 (print version) ISSN: 1432-0886 (electronic version)

Chromosome Research; Great Britain, London; ISSN 0967-3849

Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences; Boca Raton; ISSN 0735-2689

Crop Protection Compendium; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;

Crop Science; USA, Madison; ISSN 0011-183X

Current Advances in Plant Science; Netherlands, Amsterdam; ISSN 0306-4484

Current Opinion in Biotechnology; Great Britain, London; ISSN 0958-1669

D, E

Euphytica; Netherlands, Dordrecht; ISSN 0014-2336

European Journal of Plant Pathology; Netherlands, Utrecht; ISSN 0929-1873


Field Crop Abstracts; CABI Publishing; Great Britain; 36

Field Crops Research; Netherlands, Amsterdam; ISSN 0378-4290

Forestry Abstracts; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;


Gene; USA, Philadelphia; ISSN: 0378-1119

Genes & Genetic Systems; Japan; ISSN 1341-7568

Genetica; Netherlands, Dordrecht; ISSN 0016-6707

Genetical Research; Great Britain, Cambridge; ISSN 0016-6723

Genetic Resources & Crop Evolution; Netherlands, Dordrecht; ISSN 0925-9864|description|description

Genetics; USA, Washington; ISSN 0016-6731

Genome; Canada, Ottawa; ISSN 0831-2796

Grasslands and Forage Abstracts; CABI Publishing; Great Britain; 39


Hereditas; Sweden, Uppsala; ISSN 0018-0661

Heredity; Great Britain, Oxford; ISSN 0018-067X

Horticultural Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallington; ISSN 0018-5280

HortScience; USA, Alexandria; ISSN 0018-5345

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology; India, New Delhi, National Institute of Science Communication & Information Resources, ISSN: 0019-5189

Indian Journal of Genetics & Plant Breeding; India, New Delhi; ISSN 0019-5200

Industrial Crops and Products; Netherlands, Amsterdam; ISSN 0926-6690

International Journal of Fruit Science; USA, Louisiana, Baton Rouge; ISSN: 1553-8362

International Journal of Plant Production; Iran, Grogan; ISSN 1735-6814

International Journal of Vegetable Science; USA, Lane, Oklahoma; ISSN: 1931-5260

In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant; CABI Publishing; Great Britain; Resources&PID=23

Iranian Journal of Biotechnology ; National Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; Teheran, Iran



Japanese Journal of Breeding; Japan, Tokyo; ISSN 0536-3683

Japanese Journal of Crop Sciences; Japan; ISSN 0011-1848

Journal of Agricultural Genomics; CABI Publishing; Great Britain;

Journal of Agricultural Sciences; Great Britain, Cambridge; ISSN 0021-8596

Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science; Germany, Berlin; ISSN 0931-2250G

Journal of Applied Genetics; Poland, Poznan; ISSN 1234-1983

Journal of Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics (JBCG); Frisco Texas, USA

Journal of Cereal Science; Great Britain, London; ISSN 0733-5210;

Journal of Crop Improvement (formerly titled the Journal of Crop Production); USA, Baton Rouge; ISSN: 1542-7528

Journal of Genetics; India, Bangalore; ISSN 0022-1333

Journal of Genetics & Breeding; Italy, Rome; ISSN 0394-9257

Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants; USA, Massachusetts, Amherst; ISSN: 1049-6475

Journal of Heredity; USA, Buckeystown; ISSN 0022-1503

Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology; Great Britain, Ashford

Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition; USA, South Portland, Maine; ISSN: 1932-0248

Journal of Industrial Hemp; France, Rennes; ISSN: 1537-7881

Journal of Integrative Biology; Botanical Society of China, Institue of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science

China, Beijing;

Journal of Natural Fibers; USA, North Carolina, Raleigh; ISSN: 1544-0478

Journal of New Seeds, India, Ludhiana; ISSN: 1522-886

Journal of Phycology; Hoboken, NJ, USA,  ISSN 1529-8817

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection; Germany, Stuttgart; ISSN 0340-8159

Journal of Plant Growth Regulation; Germany, Berlin; ISSN 0721-7595

Journal of Plant Nutrtition and Soil Siences, Germany, WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim

Journal of Plant Research; Japan, Tokyo; ISSN 0918-9440

Journal of Small Fruit & Viticulture; USA, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; ISSN: 1052-0015

Journal of Sustainable Agriculture; USA, Santa Cruz; ISSN: 1044-0046

Journal of Sustainable Forestry; USA, Yale University; ISSN: 1054-9811

Journal of Tree Fruit Production; USA, Massachusetts, Amherst; ISSN: 1055-1387

Journal of Vegetable Science; USA, Lane, Oklahoma; ISSN: 1548-1689

K, M

Maize Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 42

Maydica; Italy, Bergamo; 0025-6153

Molecular Breeding; Netherlands, Dordrecht; ISSN 1380-3743


Nematological Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford;


Ornamental Horticulture; Great Britain, Wallingford;


Planta; Germany, Berlin; ISSN 0032-0935

Plant Biology; Germany & Netherlands; Wiley&Blackwell Pub.; Print ISSN: 1435-8603; Online ISSN: 1438-8677

Plant Biotechnology Journal; Great Britain, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford

Plant Breeding; Germany, Berlin; ISSN 0179-9541

Plant Breeding; India, New Delhi; ISSN 0019-5200

Plant Breeding Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 0018-5280 +Genetic+Resources&PID=45

Plant Disease; USA, St. Paul; ISSN 0191-2917

Plant Genetic Resources; Great Britain, Wallingford; Resources&PID=118

Plant Genetic Resources Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 0018-5280 +Genetic+Resources&PID=46

Plant Growth Regulation; Netherlands, Dordrecht; ISSN 0167-6903

Plant Growth Regulator Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 47

Plant Science; Canada, Brandon; ISSN 0008-4220

Plant Science; Ireland; ISSN 0168-9452

Plant Varieties & Seeds; Great Britain, Dorchester; ISSN 0952-3863

Potato Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 49

Potato Research; Netherlands, Wageningen; ISSN 0014-3065

Q, R

Recent Patents on DNA & Gene Sequences, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., USA; ISSN: 1872-2156

Review of Agricultural Entomology; Great Britain, Wallingford;

Review of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants; Great Britain, Wallingford; 51

Review of Plant Pathology; Great Britain, Wallingford; ISSN 0034-6438

Rice Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 53

Russian Journal of Genetics; Russia, Moscow; ISSN 1022-7954


Science; USA, Washington; ISSN 0036-8075

Seed Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 54

Seed Science Research; Great Britain, Wallingford; ISSN 0960-2585

Sexual Plant Reproduction; Germany, Berlin; ISSN 0934-0882 lts,id:100456,1

Small Fruits Review; USA, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; ISSN: 1522-8851

Soils and Fertilizers; Great Britain, Wallingford; 55

Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics; USA, New York; ISSN 0740-7750

Soybean Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 56


The Indian Journal of Genetics & Breeding; India, New Delhi

Theoretical Applied Genetics; Germany, Berlin; ISSN 0040-5752

The Garden; Great Britain, Peterborough.; ISSN 0308-5457

The Plant Genome;USA, Crop Science Society of America; online ISSN: 1940-3372


U, V, W

Weed Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford;

Weed Research; Great Britain, Blackwell Pub., The Official Journal of the European Weed Research Society; European Weed Research Society

Wheat, Barley and Triticale Abstracts; Great Britain, Wallingford; 58

Wheat Information Service; Japan; ISSN 0510-3517

Wheat Newsletter; USA

World Agriculture; Great Britain, London, Wharncliffe Publishing


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