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Preface and Guidelines

The dictionary should provide a representative selection of technical terms from the huge vocabulary of plant breeders or seed producers and all those who work in related fields.

No completeness could be achieved. The modern subjects, such as biotechnology, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, genetic engineering, were included as far as possible.

Several terms are glossed and supplemented by tables, figures and illustrations.

Since there is a permanent increase of scientific terms, an annual update of the glossary will be provided.

Updates can be ordered as given above. The table of content gives an overview of the tools offered by PBU.

Abbreviations used and general information can be found under `Technical terms´.

The dictionary/glossary provides the basic information. Numerous cross links to tables, figures, schemes, WWWs can be made by clicking the hyper links.

The user  has either a limited access to PBU via INTERNET


or full access using

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